Real Time Metagenomics.

Welcome to the next revolution in metagenome annotation: Real time data processing and analysis. You can finally annotate a metagenome in real time, with no waiting.

You can upload your own data for analysis. We accept either fasta or fastq files, and you can provide zip or gzip compressed data. Instead up downloading and uploading data, if your data is on a server you can just paste the url here. Note that you can't use usernames or passwords with this method.

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Please let us know your email address. We use it to track what data belongs to you, and you might get an email from Rob with notifications of updates (or not, if you don't want). We don't validate the email, and we don't require a password.

Please note: We will delete the data from the server from time to time. The data will be saved for at least a week (but usually longer) after the computation has finished to give you time to access everything, and you can download all of the analyses that we compute for you, so once it is complete (or even while it is processing) download the data.

You can provide a name for this analysis. It is not required, but it will help if you have several different analyses on the go at once.
(You can also set this later, if you wish.)

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RTMg - Real Time Metagenomics

The RTMg project delivers metagenome annotation services to biologists across several platforms of technology, which include CGI scripting and web services (RTMg.web), the new Android cell phone operating system (RTMg.mob), and all OpenSocial-based social network sites (RTMg.os)

If you use this service, please drop Rob an email and tell him what you think about it. It is still experimental, and we're working on it.

You can read all about using the API and command line tools to annotate metagenomes



If you use RTMg, please cite Edwards et al., Real time metagenomics: using k-mers to annotate metagenomes. Bioinformatics. 2012 Dec 15;28(24):3316-7. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts599.

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About the lab

Edwardslab is a bioinformatics research group lead by Dr. Robert Edwards at San Diego State University.


RTMg is a service by Edwardslab with help from our friends at ANL and FIG


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