Real Time Metagenomics.

Open Social Metagenomics

RTMg.os is an online social network application for RTMg.

This application allows you to store and retrieve your metagenome-annotated data on a server.

RTMg.os is currently in development, but we have made an alpha release available here. You can add this as a Gadget in iGoogle or as a gadget in open social. Give it a try!

If you do not have an orkut account, please feel free to obtain and set up a profile at their website. It is free, quick, and easy, and it's a great time to get a feel for their social network environment.

RTMg - Real Time Metagenomics

The RTMg project delivers metagenome annotation services to biologists across several platforms of technology, which include CGI scripting and web services (RTMg.web), the new Android cell phone operating system (RTMg.mob), and all OpenSocial-based social network sites (RTMg.os)

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