riboPicker version 0.4.3

You can use RiboPicker to identify and remove rRNA sequences that are similar to known rRNA sequences. The rRNA-like sequences are classified by domain, subunit, and bacterial phyla, in addition to coverage plots for the top hits to allow guided threshold selection for each dataset. To see the results of an example data set, click on "View Example". For the documentation, standalone version, and the latest updates go to http://ribopicker.sourceforge.net.

Note: This website requires a browser that supports HTML5 standards and is able to display PNG images. Please try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if you encounter any problems.

The increased amount of data submissions within the last few weeks has resulted in a negative user experience (long waiting times, jobs not finishing, etc.) due to our limitted resources. Therefore, we have decided to not accept submissions to the riboPicker web service until we have updated our hardware to cope with the increase in submitted data. You can still access previously submitted data.
Please refer to the standalone version available at http://ribopicker.sourceforge.net until the web service is accepting data again. For any questions, please refer to the Q&A site (https://groups.google.com/d/forum/edwardslabtools). We appologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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