Contig Clustering of Metagenomics

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Welcome to the "Contig Clustering of Metagenomics" (CCOM) for clutering the metagenomics. This web-based tool is used to reconstruct the uncultured genome from environmental samples. Before using CCOM, you must combine all reads samples would be combined into a singl file then assembled using any DNA assembler tool to generate one contigs file. Upload the contigs with extension fasta "contig.fasta" with all the original read sample files with extension fna "reads.fna" then click on Run Contig Clustering button to generate the population genomes. The two binning tools GroopM and MetaBat generates the population genome known as bins were the third tool CrAss will return the distance matrix of these metagenomics samples. You could use any genome annotation tool to identify these bins. Click to download sample dataset. and the Results For an explanation how to use this tool, click the help logo at the top right hand corner of the page.


Please add contig.fasta and reads.fna then click "Start upload".

GroopM MetaBat Crass
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"A thesis project by Julian Raheema and Dr Robert A Edwards"