Real Time Metagenomics.

RTMg.mob is an RTMg application for your Android-powered mobile device.

Check out this video to see what the application can do.

You can also try out the RTMg.mob beta version on your phone by following these instructions

There are currently two install options:

Browse to on your mobile device and download the file directly.

Alternatively, if you have downloaded a barcode scanner application to your phone via the Android market, you can simply scan barcode image this barcode image with your phone's camera.

Once you have downloaded the .apk file, your phone will ask your permission to install the software. It will warn you that the application can read/write from/to your SD card, that it uses full internet access, and that it reads your phone's identity (phone number).

Click the Install button, and then press Done

Do the same installation process for the OpenIntents FileManager program.

barcode image

Either browse to the file manager website on your mobile device to download it directly, or scan the barcode.

Follow the same install process as before

You will also want to download 51.hits.fa to your phone's SD card so that you have a file to annotate. To download the file directly, just long-press the link on your mobile device, or scan this barcode.

barcode image

If you have a barcode scanner, it may be easier to scan this barcode image.

You are now ready to use Mobile Metagenomics! Launch the application, click Browse and find the 51.hits.fa file, choose it, and click Upload!

You can play with the other options if you like, they simply allow for different settings when you perform your annotation.

Please keep in mind that RTMg.mob is a beta version. This application package is not a full release! (some things may not work as expected)

RTMg - Real Time Metagenomics

The RTMg project delivers metagenome annotation services to biologists across several platforms of technology, which include CGI scripting and web services (RTMg.web), the new Android cell phone operating system (RTMg.mob), and all OpenSocial-based social network sites (RTMg.os)

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