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PRINSEQ  v0.20.4

You can use the PRINSEQ (PReprocessing and INformation of SEQuences) tool to:

  • Generate statistics of your sequence data for sequence length, GC content, quality scores, n-plicates, complexity, tag sequences, poly-A/T tails, odds ratios, ...
  • Filter your data to remove sequence copies, short or long sequences, low quality or complexity sequences, sequences with Ns, ...
  • Reformat your data to convert between FASTQ and FASTA+QUAL format or DNA and RNA, rename sequence IDs, change the width of sequence lines, ...
  • Trim sequences to a certain length, trim poly-A/T tails, trim low quality ends, trim bases from the ends, ...

To see the results of example data sets, click on "Access data". For the documentation, standalone version, and the latest updates go to http://prinseq.sourceforge.net.

If you use PRINSEQ, please cite:
Schmieder R and Edwards R: Quality control and preprocessing of metagenomic datasets. Bioinformatics 2011, 27:863-864. [PMID: 21278185]

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