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The TagCleaner tool can be used to automatically remove the tag sequences (e.g. WTA primer sequences) from your 454 reads. The process is performed interactively in 5 simple steps. You will be able to select and filter the results in the last step of the program.
Go to for the documentation, standalone version, and the latest updates. This website uses TagCleaner version 0.11.
Submit new data below or view results for ID     Click here to use example ID
Please select your 454 metagenomic reads file (FASTA format or FASTQ format)

You can upload the file either uncompressed or compressed in ZIP, BZIP2, LZOP, or GZIP format.
Please specify trim mode and tag sequence(s)
Trim tag sequence at:  


5'-end tag 1      click here to use example tag
3'-end tag 1  
  click here to use reverse complement of 5'-end tag

Note: Wildcard characters can be used according to the IUPAC ambiguity code for nucleic acids

Example tag: GTGGTGTGTTGGGTGTGTTTGGNNNNNNNNN, where N is a wildcard character for A, C, G and T

1 If you do not know the tag sequence(s), we will try to detect it with your help after you clicked the "Submit" button below. The maximum length for tag sequences is 64 bp.
Please select how long we should keep your data
Delete data after: 

You can access and share your uploaded data for the time specified using a unique ID. The ID is provided to you after the preprocessing of your data.

Note: It can take 10-15 minutes to upload large metagenomic files. Please be patient!
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