Cross-Assembly of Metagenomes

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Welcome to crAss, the web tool for comparative metagenomics using cross-assembly. Before running crAss, you must combine your metagenomic reads into a single assembly using your favorite de novo assembly tool. Then, upload the assembly ACE file and the original reads files (one per data set) below. For each data set you can specify a unique name to be displayed in the output figure.
For an explanation how to use this web server click the help logo at the top right hand corner of the page. For the 3D example, please enter Job ID: 1329506771. For the 15D example, please enter Job ID: 1329505996. Alternatively, you can download example data from:
Please use the SEQanswers forum ( to share your experiences with crAss.


   Please add your files, click "Start upload", specify the labels, and click "Run crAss".
   Note that input files can be compressed with the GZIP or ZIP algorithm. Please ensure that the file name includes the file
   type (e.g. or file.fasta.gz).

   If you want to reduce the size of the files to upload or want to submit the data without providing any sequences, please read
   the help page.
                                                               Job ID:

If you use crAss in your research, please cite:
Bas E. Dutilh, Robert Schmieder, Jim Nulton, Ben Felts, Peter Salamon, Robert A. Edwards and John L. Mokili,
"Reference-independent comparative metagenomics using cross-assembly: crAss", Bioinformatics 2012.

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